Beat the Heat: Why Every Home Needs an AC Maintenance Plan

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Summer brings with it the joys of barbecues, pool parties, and outdoor concerts, making it a favorite season for many. Yet, the pleasure of these long, sun-soaked days can quickly dissipate if you find yourself without a functioning air conditioner. The discomfort of enduring the summer heat is bad enough without the added sting of excessive energy bills due to an inefficient AC unit.

Ensure a Longer Lifespan for Your AC

The thought of replacing your entire air conditioning system can send shivers down your spine—not because of the cool air, but due to the potential costs involved. However, much like a well-maintained vehicle that surpasses its expected mileage, a properly cared-for AC unit can also outlive its warranty period, provided it’s made from quality parts and receives regular tune-ups.

Routine maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your air conditioning system but can also lead to significant energy savings—up to 15% a month on your bills. Essentially, the savings you accrue from a more efficient system can offset the cost of maintenance, making the upkeep of your AC unit financially savvy.

Upgrade and Save

During maintenance checks, one critical aspect our technicians examine is whether your AC uses the outdated R-22 freon. Due to the environmental hazards associated with R-22, the U.S. government is phasing out its use. Discovering a leak in an R-22 unit can be especially costly, and in such cases, replacing the unit might be more economical than trying to fix it.

Thankfully, upgrading to a modern, R410-A based unit could actually be more affordable in the long run, considering the available financing options. In many cases, the monthly payments on a new, more efficient AC could be lower than the costs of running an older, less efficient model. An experienced HVAC technician from Wally Falkes can assess your system, ensuring it operates efficiently and advising on potential upgrades.

The Risks of Going Without AC

The reality is stark—there’s no guarantee you’ll receive immediate service in the event of an AC breakdown. This scenario can be particularly dangerous for households with vulnerable individuals, such as babies, small children, or the elderly. The physical and emotional strain of enduring extreme heat, not to mention the potential for hospital bills, underscores the importance of regular AC maintenance.

Historically, the absence of functional air conditioning has led to tragedies, such as the 1995 Chicago heat wave that claimed 739 lives in just five days. Heatwaves have been identified as the most lethal natural disaster in U.S. cities, outpacing all other types of disasters combined. Regular maintenance and tune-ups ensure your AC runs reliably, mitigating the risk of catastrophic failures during heatwaves.

At Wally Falkes, we’ve proudly served the Turlock and Modesto communities for over 50 years, offering unparalleled service and expertise. For those interested in learning more about our AC Tune Ups or maintenance plans, please contact us. Let us help you stay cool, comfortable, and safe this summer.

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Rick Falke

Rick Falke is a Central Valley HVAC Contractor with over 50 years of experience in the industry. A 2nd generation HVAC Owner, Operator, and Technician, he owns WallyFalke’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Turlock, California where they provide high-quality HVAC installations in the Modesto, Merced, Manteca and surrounding areas.

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